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Second Treasures Mysteries, Vol. 6

“What an interesting ride it’s been! Such a great conclusion to this series! Read this series starting with book one, Twice Sold Murder, as mysteries continue from book to book. The payoff of waiting for six books was worth the ending!” (Kim Heniadis, national reviewer and author)

“A mystery and a love story, all blended with humor.” (Anne K. Edwards, national reviewer and author)

"It’s hard to say goodbye to a series and characters you’ve liked, but this is done well, as final questions are answered and storylines wrapped up. I really enjoy the protagonist and the other characters in the book. Like all well-written cozy mysteries, it’s easy to escape into this book. I would recommend this book and series!" (Kara Marks, national reviewer)

In Vol. 6 of the Second Treasures Mysteries, the Rage family’s worst nightmares are just beginning. Fate turns on Laura Rage Keene as she rips apart a far bigger conspiracy during her relentless search for her parents’ killers. She kicks it into high gear in a desperate attempt not to be the latest victim in All Sales Final.

Available in both Print and Kindle* versions through (*Always free on Kindle Unlimited!)

Deadly Cost of Goods

Second Treasures Mysteries, Vol. 5

“What an excellent book! I loved the protagonist, the mystery, and the writing.” (Kara Marks, national reviewer)

“You really have no choice but to be a devoted fan....” (Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

A box of old books in Laura Keene's shop draws her to a ghostly, boarded-up library, where a young teenage girl disappeared decades ago. Laura is determined to find the connection between her murdered parents and the missing child.

Available in both Print and Kindle* versions through (*Always free on Kindle Unlimited!)

A Dress to Die For

Second Treasures Mysteries, Vol. 4

“Seriously, this series just keeps getting better and better!” (Kim Heniadis, national reviewer and author)

“This book will provide excitement and intrigue for any mystery lover.” (Anne K. Edwards, national reviewer and author)

When is a prom not a prom? When it’s a staging for murder! Laura Keene continues the search for her parents’ killers. A bag of used clothing shows up at her thrift shop, and Laura is pulled into a dangerous cold case as she unravels an old tale of jealousy and revenge in A Dress to Die For.

Available in both Print and Kindle* versions through (*Always free on Kindle Unlimited!)

Hanging By a Thread

Second Treasures Mysteries, Vol. 3

“I highly recommend this series!” (Kara Marks, national reviewer)

“Still loving this series!” (Kim Heniadis, national reviewer and author)

The evidence hangs on golden threads found in a suit in Laura Keene’s thrift shop. During the town’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, a terrible discovery is made, bringing a treacherous tale of jealousy and greed to light in Hanging By a Thread.

Available in both Print and Kindle* versions through (*Always free on Kindle Unlimited!)

Priced to Kill

Second Treasures Mysteries, Vol. 2

“Fantastic series, great character development!” (Kim Heniadis, national reviewer and author)

“Excitement and intrigue on every page!” (Anne K. Edwards, national reviewer and author)

"I fell in love with the Second Treasures Mystery series by Margaret Evans when I read the first book, Twice Sold Murder. Evans provides readers with a great murder to follow as well as giving readers little bits and pieces of the puzzle behind the murder of Laura's parents." (Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

Laura digs into the history of a beautiful hand-made quilt and discovers it may have been an instrument of death in the past. What she uncovers puts lives in danger, and she is faced with how far the killer is willing to go to keep a perfect crime secret in Priced to Kill.

Available in both Print and Kindle* versions through (*Always free on Kindle Unlimited!)

Twice Sold Murder

Second Treasures Mysteries, Vol. 1

“A real page turner! I was hooked!” (Cozy Mystery Book Reviews)

“Evans is a master at misdirection and red herrings.” (Kim Keniadis, national reviewer and author)

Laura Keene returns to her hometown in Minnesota to dig into the past and the mystery of her parents’ deaths. But secrets buried in the goods of her thrift shop entangle her in danger, and only a mysterious cat can help her uncover what happened all those years ago in Twice Sold Murder.

Available in both Print and Kindle* versions through (*Always free on Kindle Unlimited!)

The Lethal Limit

Action/Adventure Thriller!

“A terrific read for anyone seeking excitement and entertainment.” (Anne K. Edwards, national reviewer and author)

A secret past resurfaces when Steven Walker, U.S. Marshal and former Navy S.E.A.L., is assigned to relocate Angela Morrissey, a potential witness against a ruthless crime syndicate. The pair is dragged into a hailstorm as they try to escape the mob’s wrath, but disaster happens when Walker’s past and present collide on a boat in the North Atlantic!

Available in both Print and Kindle* versions through (*Always free on Kindle Unlimited!)

The Laura Keene Mysteries – COMING SOON!

Second Treasures Mysteries, version 2.0!

So you think the series is over? Think again! Watch for updates on this site and on the Moonlight Mystery Press page (Facebook) for more mysteries and danger-filled excitement with your favorite characters from Raging Ford, Minnesota. The spin-off series will be called The Laura Keene Mysteries. Follow Laura’s adventures in a haunted house near the St. Louis River in Minnesota as she tries to solve some very cold cases (brrr!) with a paranormal twist! Don’t forget to look for Empress Isabella in all the ghostly clutter.

The Harmony of Revenge — COMING SOON!

Action/Adventure Thriller

What do bonsai plants and the Shady Elm resort hotel have in common? Quite a lot, Heather Brenard discovers when the property she is managing goes up in flames and a fight between the mysterious, absentee owner and his aggressive cousin puts her life in danger. Don’t miss The Harmony of Revenge.

Worse Than the Princess and the Pea: Sensitive People in an Insensitive World

A non-fiction treatise on the contemporary business climate.

If you’re fed up with hearing, “Get over it,” you’ll love Worse Than the Princess and the Pea. While all businesses are in business to stay in business, it does not mean sensitive employees must grow insensitive to succeed. Discover open-minded solutions that will lead to winning individually and in the workplace.

Hostages to Murder

A Kindle "short"!

Jack Damien, a S.W.A.T. team captain, thinks his job is over when he takes live grenades from the hands of hostage Beth Harrow. Little does he realize that her identical twin Macy has entangled them all in her mob connections, and they are all sucked into a vortex of evil in the romantic Caribbean Islands. Hostages to Murder is a fast race through danger that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger

A Kindle "short"!

Little did Katherine Bennett guess that a nasty childhood prank had something in common with the attacks on her friend Adrian Wellingsley and his family. When the ante is upped to murder, she applies Aristotle’s logic to the mystery and makes a horrible discovery that jolts everyone’s lives. Set in rural England in 1899, The Curse of the Mandreill Dagger is a powerful tale of jealousy and greed.

The Tao of Murder – Coming soon!

A Kindle "short"!

Freddie Prszynski is an FBI Special Agent from Vermont who volunteers for a short diplomatic mission overseas. But something goes terribly wrong when a scientist dies, and Freddie ends up in a Chinese prison. Follow Prszynski as he unravels the truth with the help of his wife, a journal, and St. Jude. Hailed as a “well told tale” by Anne K. Edwards, The Tao of Murder is a fast-paced mystery/thriller novella with more than one surprise at the end!

Canvas of Deceit – Coming soon!

A Kindle "short", coming soon!

“I buy art,” the charming Michael O’Halloran told Emma Bishop at her art studio in Carmel, California. But was that all he did, Emma wondered, when some of her priceless works went missing and Michael disappeared. Bishop travels to Budapest to find O’Halloran and see if he has stolen more than her heart. A fast-paced tale of grand theft and deception.

Code of Treachery – Coming soon!

A Kindle "short", coming soon!

Allyse Berringer works with top embassy aides Thomas Gabriel and American-born Iranian Aref Hamid at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on secret codes and communications. But an attack on Allyse’s convoy from the American base at Bagram sends her scurrying on foot through the streets of Kabul where she makes a shocking discovery that someone will kill to protect.

The Secret of Kenning Hall – Coming soon!

A Kindle "short"!

Virginian Sarah Kenning travels to Scotland, determined to find her missing brother and solve the mystery of her parents’ double murder. When she meets a mysterious cousin obsessed with the family name and a wealthy sheep ranch owner, she is caught in a web of danger and intrigue against the breathtaking backdrop of Scotland. An entertaining early twentieth century tale of greed and treachery sure to delight any mystery fan!


Granny’s Place, a love story

A charming tale of one woman's struggle to build the "bestest" and "most caring" child care center, following the early loss of her own parents. When the talents of a Scottish engineer and the woman's determination to succeed collide, an unexpected pathway opens for both James McNeil and Anne Calloway. This tale will keep you turning pages as you follow adventures that take you to Scotland.

Out of the Equation, Sophie Hammond Mysteries

Sophie's husband disappears on a corporate cruise and with no company life insurance payout, she must support herself and two children in college. When she gets an analyst job at her husband's former employer, she begins to notice things that don't quite jibe. And when cryptic messages find her from time to time, she begins to wonder if her husband is really dead or if someone just wanted him Out of the Equation.

Follow this exciting new action/adventure/thriller mystery series by Margaret Evans, premiering in 2022.

Christmas Poems for my Grown-up Children

Grown-ups need the magic, too! Every year I write a poem to my five "kids" to share with their families. This delightful collection will warm anyone's heart with laughter, silliness, and childlike wonder -- something we all could use throughout the year.

Poems include:

  • The Golden Snowflakes
  • The Forgotten Snowgirl
  • The Three Little Kittens

...and more!

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