The Pipeline

Hanging by a Thread

The third tale in the Second Treasures Mysteries, coming in 2017!

The evidence hangs on threads from a garment in Laura Keene’s thrift shop, a suit less than a year old but belonging to a young man who has left town, or so everyone thinks. During the town’s annual Easter Egg Hunt on the library grounds, a terrible discovery is made, and a story of blackmail, jealousy and greed are brought to light. Laura’s findings put both her and Connor Fitzpatrick at risk, and they face a desperate killer who would do anything to keep his secret buried.

Canvas of Deceit

A Kindle "short", coming out in January 2017!

“I buy art,” the charming Michael O’Halloran told Emma Bishop at her art studio in Carmel, California. But was that all he did, Emma wondered, when some of her priceless works went missing and Michael disappeared. Bishop travels to Budapest to find O’Halloran and see if he has stolen more than her heart. A fast-paced tale of grand theft and deception.

Code of Treachery

A Kindle "short", coming out in March 2017

Allyse Berringer works with top embassy aides, Thomas Gabriel and American-born Iranian Aref Hamid at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, on secret codes and communications. But an attack on Allyse’s convoy from the American base at Bagram sends her scurrying on foot through the streets of Kabul where she makes a shocking discovery that someone will kill to protect.

The Lethal Limit

A full-length suspense novel

Ex-Navy SEAL Steven Walker, a WitSec agent, is assigned to relocate witness Angela Morrissey. When a secret buried deep in his past resurfaces, he must face the secrets that twins share, unmask a traitor in his WitSec unit and save the witness. Follow Walker and Morrissey across an autumn Pennsylvania landscape, dodging bullets and hiding in haystacks to stay alive. Morrissey’s hidden talents give them surprise weapons against a powerful enemy, but can they outrun his minions? Watch Walker’s past and future collide on a boat in the North Atlantic…

All the years. The secrets. Job and real life. Would anyone ever know the whole truth?

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