Kingdom Come: The Mayan Answer


An explosion echoed through the cavern, its sharp blast ricocheting. It rocked the walls and shook the bridge. Amy reeled from the sound and the shaking and gripped the handholds, her feet skidding back and forth against the rippling of the bridge. She began walking faster, faster, pulling herself forward by her hands, and she heard Will yelling, “Run, Amy, run!”

The world is abloom with lilies. The Maya build their new age, but a terrible accident happens and Lord Xarantu can no longer lead his people. Unrest lies in the hearts of some who try to tear the throne from the Mayan people. Marxan faces the ultimate sacrifice, and Amy Parrish must solve the riddle in an ancient Mayan text that could pull together all of the humans on this earth. During the final hours, Lord Panhuaja, from the banished tribe, seeks to find…the answer.

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