Trial in Jade: The Mayan Return


“They have taken my little Umoxtl! I cannot lose you, too,” Marxan cried.
“We will all die if I do not face them,” Xarantu muttered. “There will be no Sixth World.”

What mysterious codes are in the ancient Mayan manuscript archaeologist Amy Parrish receives and what connection do they have with Xarantu’s future as Prince of the Maya in the Sixth world? Xarantu’s bloodline claim to the throne is challenged by another Quitzé Lord, bitter over his family’s banishment from royal privilege centuries ago. Watch the Mayan prophecies continue to unfold as Marxan’s young heir to the new kingdom is kidnapped, and Parrish’s role as Bringer of the Sixth World lands her in the midst of an intense power struggle on the brink of worldwide change…or chaos.

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